Request for Quote - Exterior West Stairwell Repairs

The Blue Hills Regional Technical School District is seeking written quotations for concrete repairs to the “EXTERIOR WEST STAIRWELL”. Responses are due April 7, 2021 no later than 12:00PM.

The documents may be obtained from the Blue Hills Regional Technical School’s Finance Office after 10:00AM on March 4, 2021. Electronic copies of the documents may be obtained by emailing with “EXTERIOR WEST STAIRWELL” in the subject line.

A mandatory site visit is scheduled for March 17, 2021 at 3:00PM. Failure to attend a site visit will disqualify a contractor. The Blue Hills Regional Technical District will not be responsible for errors, omissions, and/or charges for extra work arising due to failure of the contractor to familiarize themselves with the site and existing conditions.

Blue Hills Regional School District will award the contract to the responsible and responsive contractor who in the eyes of the District has the lowest price meeting the specifications. The District reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, to waive any informalities, and to make an award that is in the best interest of the District

The work is estimated to cost $40,000 and is subject to prevailing wage rates (attached) as determined by the Department of Labor Standards (DLS) in accordance with M.G.L. c.149 §§ 26-27D.